Green Lanes

As well as providing a competitive environment for the Land Rover enthusiast NERO also encourages its members to use their Land Rovers for non-competitive activities. Green Lanes is the generic term for unsurfaced roads and NERO helps its members explore what are often very old routes.

Green Lanes or Byways open to all traffic (BOATs) are just like any normal road you would drive except they are unsurfaced and as such can be slightly more challenging than the A1. We are very lucky in living in an area of the country where we still have access to such Green Lanes and as such we need to take care in selecting the routes we drive.

In some parts of the country Green Lanes have just about disappeared due to closures enforced by local authorities who have imposed TROs (Traffic Regulation Orders,) often due to misuse of Green Lanes by people who treat them as free pay and play sites. GLASS, the Green Lane association, campaigns to keep 4x4 access to the historic byways of the UK and NERO events follow their code of conduct.

NERO has recently started to organize Green Lane Runs every second month and can also provide advice on suitable lanes.

If you are interested in Green Laneing please contact our Green Lane Officer, Stephen Busby, at


Reference material can be found on the following websites


GLASS – Green Lane Association


Trailwise - Maps of BOATs. You need to be a member of GLASS..... to access this site - Online OS Map – you have to pay for this but you would be better just buying some OS maps 1:25000 is probably the best

Durham definitive map

Yorkshire definitive map

Northumberland definitive map

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