North East Rover Owners Club

Welcome to the official website of the North East Rover Owners Club. Affiliated to both the ALRC and MUK the club is a place to compete in RTVT, CCVT, Safari Comp and TT or just to have a drink with friends and talk about your Land rover.

Brass Monkey Landrover Meet

So who'd have thought that Brass Monkeys would have been one of the biggest and one of the last Land Rover shows of 2020.

Given the Global pandemic, this has casused so many events to cancel, which is exactly what happend to the biggest landrover gathering in the north east.

Its our intention, when its safe to do so continue with the Landrover Gathering we call "Brass Monkey"

Keep Safe everyone and let's get through this ready for Brass Monkeys 2023

Watch this space for details

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