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Welcome to the official website of the North East Rover Owners Club. Affiliated to both the ALRC and MUK the club is a place to compete in RTVT, CCVT, Safari Comp and TT or just to have a drink with friends and talk about your Land rover.

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The Brass Money event 2020 was yet again a huge success.......

A massive thank you to everyone who made it in 2020, it was defiantly Brass Monkey by name, Brass Monkey by nature.

Absolutely frozen but what a fantastic turn out. Thanks to each and everyone of you.

We despite the cold weather managed an amazing 115 Land Rovers over the day which against the odds beat 2019's attendance.

Tanfield Railway were again gracious hosts and had made a bit more space.

As many will have guessed by the size of the ques the cafés both made great numbers for the Railway and we believe we saw many of you on the platform waiting for the train.

The next Brass Monkey event will be happening soon..... Please watch this space for more details

Next Brass Monkey Gathering - TBC

Live @ the Brass Monkey/ 26th January 2020

Next Event /


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